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About WIN & its Philosophy

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Our Mission

We seek to set an example of excellence in providing the highest quality interpreting services available. As one of the few Deaf-owned interpreting companies, this is more than just our business; it is our responsibility.

For our customers, we are committed to ensuring the best value and the best service experience.  Your need to communicate effectively is important and we guarantee will send you a professional certified sign language interpreter. 

For our interpreters, we strive to provide the support you need, the quality teamings you deserve, the most interesting and challenging assignments available, and the fairest compensation around.

For our community, our peers, it is our hope that we can ensure your unique communication needs are suitably met, every time, by an ethical and proficient service provider.


WIN was established in 2005. Eric and Moon Feris, both Deaf, decided that the standards for quality and customer service in the interpreting industry needed to be raised. So they established a company to do just that. From this single principle came our Mission. Pursuit of this Mission has led us to where WIN is today.

Today, WIN serves both the local community with top-notch in-person services and the entire country in providing Video Remote Interpreting.

Why Choose WIN

WIN is one of just four interpreting companies in the US that are actually owned and operated by Deaf people. There are about 400 other interpreting companies in the country, but all are owned/operated by hearing people. There actually is a difference! As life-long consumers of interpreting services, Moon and Eric know firsthand the importance of quality service. The day-to-day lives of Deaf people are directly tied to this important communication link to the rest of the world. Deaf people know, based on shared experiences, that WIN is here for their community. Unlike other companies, WIN solicits direct feedback from the Deaf community to ensure that preferences and specific needs are always taken into consideration. We know that there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" interpreter.

From a business perspective, using a Deaf-owned agency for your interpreting needs is important. The vast majority of interpreting dollars are spent by business and other entities to comply with disability laws. If a business is going to spend the money, it makes sense to ensure it is spent well and that a return on the investment is realized. With WIN's focus on the Deaf community, companies can be assured that we are looking to ensure effective communication outcomes -- that is what you are investing in. This is one reason why all interpreters we send you will hold nationally-recognized credentials and be bound by a strict ethical code. In addition to that, all WIN interpreters are screened for professionalism, quality, and experience. Unlike our competition, WIN will never send you an inexpert "signer," or a "pre-certified interpreter," or a "mentee," all of which is code for "not a real interpreter." WIN guarantees you an interpreter who has earned the proper credentials. If you are going to be buying interpreting services, you might as well get the best you can. And given that our charges are generally in line with industry standards, you really have no reason to go elsewhere.

This passion extends to WIN's interpreters, as well. WIN recognizes interpreters as the professionals they are. Our office staff is the most courteous in the industry. You will always have a supportive and helpful dispatcher to assist you in getting work, getting TO work, and to consider your teaming needs and preferences. WIN's interpreter compensation is among the best and, for those who join our staff, the benefits unparalleled.

Though we are a large agency, we retain that "family owned" feel and approach to customer service. We welcome all feedback and comments.

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